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Used in the mid to late 18th century, this pistol saw service in every conflict in which the British Dragoons were involved, from the battlefield of Culloden to the French Revolutionary Wars. It was replaced in light dragoons in 1760, but continued to be used in heavy dragoons for many years.

In accordance with Canadian legislation, the lumen of this pistol is not pierced. It is then considered decorative collectibles. It therefore does not require any permit to carry weapons.

The gun mechanism is of high quality and can be made fully functional by drilling the port connecting the basin to the barrel and using a suitable flint. However, you must comply with the legislation applicable in your locality.

We accept major online payment methods. Applicable taxes extra. The calculation of taxes will appear upon confirmation of the transaction according to your province, if applicable. Also include delivery costs throughout Canada.


C$975.00 Regular Price
C$675.00Sale Price
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