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Top quality replica of a Blunderbuss musket with brass barrel. Brass barreled blunderbusses also called “Blunderbuss” were put into service starting in 1670 and were used for almost two centuries. They have particularly proven to be very useful on board ships. The alloy of brass and steel remains lighter than a steel barrel and is more resistant to seawater corrosion.

Caliber .69

18-inch brass barrel made from a solid metal and brass alloy (not cast) to ensure maximum strength.

Total length: 32 inches.

In accordance with Canadian legislation, the light of this musket is not pierced. It is then considered a decorative collector's item. It therefore does not require any permit to carry weapons.

Please note that it is permitted to pierce the barrel lumen in order to make this musket fully functional. However, you must comply with firearms regulations in force in Canada, where applicable.

We accept major online payment methods. Applicable taxes extra. The calculation of taxes will appear upon confirmation of the transaction according to your province, if applicable. Also include delivery costs throughout Canada.


C$1,275.00 Regular Price
C$750.00Sale Price
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