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American Revolution drum: Antique, but not authentic, replica of a military drum inspired by the American Revolution of 1775-1783. Its initial manufacture was probably in the 1960s. It was restored in 2024, while retaining traces of wear which gives it a historic appearance. This drum was probably used during historical reconstructions of this crucial page of American history. The interest of this antique replica remains the cordage which is similar to that of the drums of the French regiments present in New France until the defeat of General Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham, in 1759. Note that the French drums were not equipped with a metal wire strip which gives a particular sound to the English-speaking regiments of the time. But the maker of this drum wanted to demonstrate the influence of the French regiments which served with the Americans against the British army.

 This is a unique piece for a collector of 18th century military artifacts.

American Revolution drum

C$750.00 Regular Price
C$450.00Sale Price
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