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Jacques Lambert (1928-2020)

Period from 2012 - 2016

Acrylic on canvas

24 inches x 18 inches

Signature lower right corner

Born in Chicoutimi in 1928, Jacques LAMBERT was an exceptional artist, a visionary with fantastic and humorous perceptions. This is in parallel with a career in communications at Radio-Canada. (Director of the Radio CBJ Radio-Canada station in Chicoutimi. And then in Ottawa, he was part of the management team of the regional Radio-Canada stations in the country) that he perpetuated his artistic quest. Musician (on clarinet), very prolific painter (almost impulsive) and also experiments with the sculptural world (round bump, cube totem, modeling, etc.).

Jacques Lambert is an artist, who has slowly established himself in Quebec art, we could classify him in the fantasy scenes category (such as the name of Guy Robert in Current Art of Quebec, since 1970, Edition Iconia , 1983.) For nearly 60 years, he always found the time to produce in order to present his work in numerous exhibitions. 1962-64… he distinguished himself in his academic and artistic beginnings with several prizes and distinctions in drawing. 1961-89 ... participated in more than 125 group exhibitions in Canada and the United States. 1990-2018 ... has been represented in several galleries or cultural venues and has produced around fifty individual exhibitions. His works are found in numerous collections, both private and public.

Jacques Lambert - Boréal

C$860.00 Regular Price
C$700.00Sale Price
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